Nowadays, due to lifestyle related problems that are becoming more rampant, people go over and above just to keep fit and stay healthy in order to achieve optimal health and better quality of life. Thus, a lot of and exercise methods has surfaced here and there with a promise to help us reach a healthy weight, reduce our risks of chronic diseases (i.e. heart diseases and diabetes), and to ultimately promote optimal health. But with all these choices available today, selecting a type of training that would work best to help you reach your goals and be joyable can be quite challenging.

One kind of training that has become more popular over the years is TRX Training or Total Resistance Exercise Training. TRX is characterized by two high quality nylon straps hanging from an anchor point. This particular equipment includes a main band, with two straps attached with handles to create a “V” shape at the bottom.

TRX Suspension training addresses a wide scope of fitness necessities such as enhancing and preserving our general health, improving sport performance and even prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.

The struggle to keep fit and healthy is indeed real especially in today’s fast paced environment, which is why having the time to go the gym maybe a luxury to some, if not most of us. The TRX Suspension trainer offers an exceptional approach to address this concern. This is why we utilise it in a lot of our classes and rehabilitation programs – ensuring you can do the same at home. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you’ll ever need to use.

TRX Suspension training offers a lot of benefits and here are a few of them.

1. Engages the whole body
The instability brought about by the TRX Trainer constantly activates the core and the functional movements promotes overall body workout.

2. Improve Cardio and Strength
Aside from muscle strength, the speed at which the exercise is performed is a good in strengthening the heart.

3. Suitable for all
Whether you are an Olympic athlete or just a beginner in exercising, this type of training is beneficial for all.

4. Low Impact Nature
Because of its suspended nature, the impact is very low which means that your joints are not put into much stress, and prevents occurrence of injuries.

5. Highly Versatile
It can easily be transported anywhere, and enjoy its benefits anytime, anywhere you want to.

With its numerous benefits and portability, it is something worth trying. Talk to us to discover the excellent health and fitness benefits TRX has to offer in your training programs.

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