A lot of workouts have become popular over the past few years, and true enough, Pilates is a kind of work out that has rapidly become mainstream among fitness enthusiast. Almost everybody, young and young at heart have been attracted to Pilates with its promise of increased flexibility, core strength, and muscle tone.

However, newbies in Pilates may often be confused with the type of Pilates to try. On this article, we are going to dig deeper about one of the ways we can do Pilates – and that is through a reformer machine.

A Pilates Reformer Machine is a bed-like frame with a flat plane, which is commonly known as carriage, which moves back and forth along the tracks. The exerciser’s body weight as well as a set of springs attached to both the carriage and the platform provides resistance in this kind of workout. It also has an adjustable foot bar that is can be used by feet, and long straps on the side that can be pulled as the carriage moves.

To some, if not most of us, the reformer machine makes a dramatic impression ones you see one, as it may resemble a torture apparatus. These machines are usually seen lined up in Pilates studios, as this is one of the main choices that are offered. Not only is the Pilates reformer an excellent workout tool, it is also amazing for rehab too. For example, for a client who has a knee surgery, its horizontal plane enables you to strengthen the legs through a wider range of motion, without having to be vertically loaded and bearing the weight through the legs.


Here are a few more benefits of using the Pilates Reformer:

  1. Increased Muscular Endurance

This particular workout results to increased muscle fiber endurance, strength and size, as well as increased connective tissue strength. This enables us to go about our daily activities without undue fatigue.

  1. Improved Posture

Pilates Reformer machines helps a lot in spine alignment and reduce muscular imbalances. This will help not us pre-empt and prevent undue stresses in our body that may lead to injury.

  1. Improved Breathing

It helps improve lung capacity through practicing proper breathing. It makes our breath deeper and less frequent, which results to better relaxation whilst simultaneously  bracing through the core during each movement.

  1. Reduce Body Fat

Exercising ultimately helps us improve our metabolism. Likewise, increased muscle mass will help burn more calories, which can help in weight-loss.

Indeed, there are a lot of options that are available now towards our journey to optimal health.
See which one works best for you. Give us a call about bookings for 1:1 or group classes.

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