Top Tips on travelling with your MOOYEE macaroon Massager.

The Mooyee is a massaging device in the shape of a macaroon. It is a TENS machine controlled by an app on your phone. It can last 5 hours once charged and provide pain relief for hours!

Taking it on the plane

Since there are no removal or lithium batteries in the macaroon massager you can take it on the plane!!! Perfect for having to sit long periods in stiffness. Just like a phone you can power off the device during take off and landing so bluetooth isn’t on, and then once you can use your phone you can turn on the mooyee app and turn on the macaroon massager again!

Have extra sticky gel pads

You need extra sticky gel pads a) just incase others want a turn because it’s so AMAZING b) incase you loose a pair, drop it somewhere or use it so many times the stickiness reduces. Best to always have spare sticky gel pads so you never have to be without your macaroon massager!

Use your carry case

The clear and grey carry case the macaroon massager comes in, in the box should be used when bringing it places. It keeps the macaroon halves together, stops the magnetic attachments from getting damaged or the coloured part from getting dirty.

Bring a portable phone charger or cord

If your phone dies you can’t use the macaroon massager! Especially on long haul flights they often have usb ports in the armrest or back of the headrest on the seat in front of you. Keep your phone charged so you can keep relaxing!

Download some relaxing tunes on spotify

Start your holiday early. Put a relaxing meditation on, some acoustic guitar or your favourite songs and getaway from the cabin noise whilts you get your massage and relieve the tension and anxiety whilst flying!  


Where to get it a Macaroon Massager Mooyee or the extra sticky gel pads?

We stock it at Better Moves Physiotherapy check out our shop below.

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