Given the circumstances we are currently facing with COVID 19 becoming an increasing concern to public health and safety the Team at Better Moves Physiotherapy will look at involving online Telehealth appointments to our available services.

A Telehealth Physio consultation via a Zoom video call allows assessment of your movement, education and modification of exercise from the comfort of your own home.  If you are sick/quarantined or unable to physically attend your appointment this is a way to ensure you can continue with your appropriate rehabilitation.

We can assess and treat areas such as:

  •         Back pain
  •        Shoulder   
  •     Elbow
  •     Hip
  •     Knee
  •       Ankle
  •     Soft tissue (muscle injuries)

    We can assist these conditions over an online telehealth call by helping you:

  • Develop a home exercise program
  • Develop a Stretching program
  • Educate about self management techniques such as how and where to massage certain areas, how to foam roll, and equipment you can use at home such as rolling pins and tennis balls!
  • Run exercise programs

We already have programs in place that you may have already used to see your exercise programs that can incorporate video calls. You would not need to purchase or subscribe to anything for us to deliver these sessions. Physitrack enables us to play pre-recorded demonstrations of assessments and exercises or watch each other on a secure medical platform.

telWhy have an Online telehealth consult?

If you are unable to attend appointments due to travel restrictions including physical health problems or if you are time poor this is a great alternative for you! You can do these appointments int he comfort of your own home or anywhere that you have access to the internet and a device with a camera including your phone, tablet or computer.

Qualified physiotherapists will still take the appointment and get you back to moving better and feeling better as soon as possible.

There’s many ways to assess and treat a person without the need to physically touch them.

Additionally telehealth consults can give you access to group exercise consults if you are unable to access a gym/group sessions external to home.

What happens during an online telehealth consult?

It is very similar to a face to face consult. We watch your movement, assess your strength by asking you to perform certain movements which you will need to hold for a certain period of time or compare to your “good side”. 

We can then guide you through various ways to self treat the injury such as with massage, using a rolling pin, drink bottles, foam roller, tennis balls and massage sticks. We will also be able to formulate exercise programs and watch your form as we would in the clinic.

Barriers to online telehealth consults

Unfortunately there are some barriers to Telehealth consultations such as being unable to provide some manual treatment such as dry needling and cupping.  However, we strongly encourage and support self-management techniques such as foam rolling, spikey balls and the use of your Mooyee for pain relief. IF YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF THE MOOYEE – READ HERE.

Cost and claiming for online telehealth consults:

A 30 minute consult will cost $69

At this point in time Telehealth consultations are not applicable for private health insurance rebates, TAC, workcover or medicare claims.  However, in light of recent times we will continue to monitor reforms from the Australian Government which may result in changes to these laws.

A group exercise telehealth consult will cost $15

How do I pay?

We will send you details through an online secure payment platform called Stripe or you can direct debit your payment.

What software do I need?

We will send you an email on how to access Physiapp (you may have already used this for your exercise or we may use zoom for group classes.

If you would like to book an online consultation use the book now button below

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