Some tips to start running your first 5km (from a marathon runners perspective)

Running has so many great benefits and is a great way to begin exercising or to supplement your current exercise regimes.  It is a great way to stay active, enhance your mood, refresh your mind and lose weight.

Often people want to start or get back into a running routine but don’t know where to begin. This blog has some tips on how to get started, stay injury free and motivated.

1.     Start slow and build up gradually

If you haven’t run in a while then its important that you don’t go too hard too early as this is a recipe for disaster!

Aim to progress your distances by no more than 10% each week.

2.     Don’t be ashamed of walking

Don’t expect to go straight from the couch to running 5km nonstop on your first run. When you first start running it’s okay to break up your running with multiple rest/walk periods.  Try set yourself a target for example it might be run for 1 min then walk for 30 seconds repeated over the course of the run.

3.     Find a balance

It is important that you are running for long enough and frequently enough to get the benefits aerobic exercise and rest is equally as important.

Aim for your runs to be greater than 20 minutes.  Initially these 20 minutes might include some walking.

Running 2-3 times a week is necessary to make gains for you to progress to longer distances.  Try not to run on consecutive days to allow your body to recover. For beginners running more than 3 times a week significantly increases your chance of injury.

4.     It will get easier!

Your body takes time to make physiological changes that will improve your running performance.  Commit to a 6 week running program and you will notice a big difference between when you first started running.

5.     Book a fun run

It’s an incredible feeling finally achieving your running goals so set a date for a fun run for your desired distance.  This will help keep you motivated and committed to your running program.

If you have a previous or current injury that you think may prevent you from returning to running or starting running please come into the clinic and we can develop a training program.


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