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The Team at Better Moves Physiotherapy put the clients’ wellbeing first – we want you to be better and perform at your peak.

Allied Health Professionals

Gabrielle Street

Gabrielle Street

Senior Physiotherapist, Clinic Director

Gabrielle Street obtained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Monash University. Her keen interest in strength and conditioning and sports-specific functional training makes Gym settings the perfect facilities for her to work from. This will allow her to be able to modify any exercise techniques, have full access to the gym to develop programs, conduct assessments and gain better movement results. Gabby also has certificates in Olympic Weightlifting, TRX functional training & Clinical Pilates
Lachlan Evans

Lachlan Evans


Lachlan recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University.  He has a passion for sports with keen interests in footy, cricket and basketball and is currently playing football for the Ringwood Redbacks. 

Lachy has played football and basketball for over 15 years and has personally experienced hamstring, quad and calf strains as well as ankle sprains. He enjoys developing rehabilitation programs incorporating strength and running to return to sport and optimal performance.  He looks forward to working with a variety of people and helping you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.

About our Physiotherapy Service

At Better Moves Physiotherapy our Physio’s (Gabby Street & Lachlan Evans) have extensive knowledge and experience in managing a range of musculoskeletal conditions), particularly those of the active population (gym goers, bodybuilders, crossfitters, gymnasts & weightlifters). Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply want to move and feel better, we can help! We are experts at helping you improve restore & enhance your optimal self!

If you are currently living with pain or have an injury – we can help. We believe that at Better Moves Physiotherapy to improve the standard of healthcare, and increase the value that physiotherapists can provide we are:

  • The “unconventional” physiotherapist – which should be the “conventional” physiotherapist

  • Only providing the necessary and warranted treatment

  • Helping each client get to their goal – whether it’s helping them maintain mobility in the short term to get to a race and then focussing on the problem OR going straight to fixing the problem

  • We treat all clients 1:1 … we don’t put heat packs on you and walk off, dry needle you and leave you with a bell in the room, see more than 1 patient at once

  • Focussed on clinical reasoning which is key – we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest research and always ask  questions!!

  • We create a fun environment, a place where you see yourself constantly moving better and feeling better!

We have successfully treated hundreds of local residents suffering from back, knee, shoulder and neck pain – helping them to move freely and enjoy life.


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