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COVID-19 & What We’re Doing at Better Moves Physio

We understand there’s a lot of hysteria about the unexpected at the moment. And although we cannot control the unexpected we can control the present and we are doing everything under standard regulations at Better Moves Physiotherapy to ensure we can keep treating and...

Physiotherapy Assessments via Telehealth (Online Physio)

Given the circumstances we are currently facing with COVID 19 becoming an increasing concern to public health and safety the Team at Better Moves Physiotherapy will look at involving online Telehealth appointments to our available services. A Telehealth Physio...

Why Diets Fail?

Why Diets Fail?

When we are trying to lose weight or 'get healthy' we are often driven by a goal such as an upcoming wedding, reunion, a holiday at the beach or for health reasons such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or infertility. Whatever the reason is... I get it! I have been...

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