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 Foam rollers and lacrosse balls are both pieces of exercise equipment used for massage and fitness to assist with reducing pain and enhancing recovery. Your workout regimen is only as good as your recovery exercises. That is why choosing the right devices will help...

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What is TRX suspension training?

Nowadays, due to lifestyle related problems that are becoming more rampant, people go over and above just to keep fit and stay healthy in order to achieve optimal health and better quality of life. Thus, a lot of and exercise methods has surfaced here and there with a...

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What is a pilates reformer machine?

 A lot of workouts have become popular over the past few years, and true enough, Pilates is a kind of work out that has rapidly become mainstream among fitness enthusiast. Almost everybody, young and young at heart have been attracted to Pilates with its promise of...

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8 Tips before you compete in a CrossFit competition

The 24 hours prior to a competition are essential for preparing you not just mentally, but physically. Our nutrition, sleep and bodies capacity to perform at an excelled level will depend entirely on our ability to prepare ourself for this day. Training in the lead...

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Crossfit Open 19.3 Check In

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW FOR TIPS ON SURVIVING THROUGH THE REST OF THE OPEN  DOWNLOAD THE MOBILITY PDF HERE We are physiotherapists located in Kilsyth and Knoxfield - helping you be better by restoring, improving & enhancing your optimal movement! Recent Blog...

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Is your bottom giving you back pain? Poor Glute Strength

Around 25% of Australian’s suffer from back pain on any day with up to 80% experiencing back pain each year. There are four areas that can get sore in your back: joints, discs or nerve roots (the main structural areas) or the muscles. Tight /shortened muscles in the...

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Ankle pinching when I jump or lunge – What do I do?

Do your ankles feel like they are preventing you from squatting deeper? Are they pinching or jamming at the front when you jump? Do they stop you from lunging? This video will show you an easy way to quickly increase your joint mobility with a resistance band to...

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Is there a correct way to foam roll?

If you have back pain and you have been looking for a solution, you have probably come across form rolling. But do you know what foam rolling is and the best way to go about it? If not, this post is going to give you more insight. We don’t want you harming yourself...

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