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Crossfit Open 19.3 Check In

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW FOR TIPS ON SURVIVING THROUGH THE REST OF THE OPEN  DOWNLOAD THE MOBILITY PDF HERE We are physiotherapists located in Kilsyth and Knoxfield - helping you be better by restoring, improving & enhancing your optimal movement! Recent Blog...

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Is your bottom giving you back pain? Poor Glute Strength

Around 25% of Australian’s suffer from back pain on any day with up to 80% experiencing back pain each year. There are four areas that can get sore in your back: joints, discs or nerve roots (the main structural areas) or the muscles. Tight /shortened muscles in the...

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Ankle pinching when I jump or lunge – What do I do?

Do your ankles feel like they are preventing you from squatting deeper? Are they pinching or jamming at the front when you jump? Do they stop you from lunging? This video will show you an easy way to quickly increase your joint mobility with a resistance band to...

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Is there a correct way to foam roll?

If you have back pain and you have been looking for a solution, you have probably come across form rolling. But do you know what foam rolling is and the best way to go about it? If not, this post is going to give you more insight. We don’t want you harming yourself...

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What is the difference between Physiotherapy and Myotherapy?

Physiotherapy vs. myotherapy Musculoskeletal problems have become prevalent in recent years. Studies show that in America one in two adults has suffered from them. In 2015, there were reports of about $213 billion due to musculoskeletal disorders. Some of the most...

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What is a trigger point?

            WHAT IS A TRIGGER POINT OR MUSCLE KNOT? Trigger points or muscle knots are a common cause of chronic pain in the back, and neck pain. One of the theories is that when we sit for too long or if we get injured, we lose flexibility and mobility. Our muscles...

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Rotator Cuff Shoulder Rehab Guidelines

I have Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy What do I do? What treatment evidence do I believe? Our Best Guidelines...   What is Rotator cuff tendinopathy  It is the breakdown of the tendons in the shoulder. There are 5 main muscles which this can happen to. Think of your...

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Top Wrist Mobility Drills

Top wrist mobility drills Wrist Mobility Tips for cleans, front squats & burpees Do you get pain, pinching or stiffness in your wrist? These drills are for you! The video below shows how you can do 3 simple exercises before a 'WOD' (workout of the day) or even at...

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Can step loading periodization help my training?

Step loading periodization and will it help my training? Step Loading Periodization is a way to systematically plan training, but is it right for you? Background Periodization of your exercise programme is an effective way to systematically structure and plan your...

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