The 24 hours prior to a competition are essential for preparing you not just mentally, but physically. Our nutrition, sleep and bodies capacity to perform at an excelled level will depend entirely on our ability to prepare ourself for this day.

    Training in the lead up, nutrition, etc will all factor in how well we perform – definitely, however the 24 hours prior will guide how we FEEL, and MOVE on the day.
    The tips are:
  1. 10 hours sleepSleep is essential in allowing our body to heal, allow muscles to replenish and our mind to relax before the day.
  2. Wake up 3 hours before to fully wake up and eat breakfastWaking up with AMPLE time before the day will assist you mentally in preparing and being on time, but also give your body and mind time to wake up, digest food and start moving before you even need to warm up
  3. Drink 1 litre of water before your first event 2-3 hours
  4. Avoid fats in your pre workout meal
    ESPECIALLY if you are not use to eating them early in the morning. They are slow digesting foods. On a competition day you want the ability of the body to have an immediate energy source try protein and BCAA’s (1g per 0.5kgs of body weight throughout the day).
  5. Meal plan for Between wods use carbohydrates.
    Carbohydrates assist with i
    mmediate replenishment of glycogen post-workout to keep the body fuelled.
  6. Sauna for 15 minutes at 45 degrees in the morning before you go to get the blood circulating and warm up the joints or second best OR Bring a heat cream like deep heat, rockrub, fisiocrem to maintain blood flow to your muscles before the first wod and between wods to prevent them from seizing up
  7. Have your warm up READY printed or on your phone. Warm up for 30 minutes prior to EACH wod. SO time management is ESSENTIAL on the day. Plan our your warm up times and heat times so you know what to do before you arrive.
  8. Mental game
    What sets the elite apart is their mental capacity. BE prepared to work hard and if you believe you have done everything else to set yourself up in the best possible way Remember: “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance” – Says my husband (Zac Street)

Check some of our warm up videos for the CrossFit Masters League Australia

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