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Our  Physio Services

Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

Physiotherapy can assist with injury analysis, rehabilitation & prevention. A Sports Massage is a type of massage to target deep tissue, fascia and connective tissue.

Clinical Pilates

Conditioning classes

Clinical Pilates is a mindful strength and conditioning program designed to target postural muscles to improve core stability and posture.

In our classes we focus on a combination of reformer, mat, trx suspension training and resistance training to get a well rounded full body workout to meet the needs of both rehabilitation clients and clients that want to make change to their physique.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is stemmed from acupuncture to tread myofascial pain at a cellular level. It is used to target “trigger points” which are areas of pain and tightness in a muscle.  The aim with the technique is to release the trigger points by increasing blood flow into the muscle to restore normal muscle function and improve activity .


Kinesio Tape (KT) or rigid sports tape can be used to treat injuries, aid in proprioception, reduce swelling or help support a variety of other disorders.

Our Physio’s are trained in utilising these taping methods to restore normal movement, or assist with providing support, reducing swelling and pain relief.

 Other Services Coming Soon

Dietitian & Nutrition


Why Choose Us?

The experts in getting your body right.

Better Moves Physiotherapy is about helping people be better. We focus on helping you improve restore and enhance your optimal movement.

Our dedicated and expert physiotherapists are always learning to keep up to date with the most relevant clinical research to help you prevent injury, maintain your body and increase your function. We help anyone of any age in their movement and fitness journey.

Whether you are wanting to find it easier to get out of bed in the morning and walk around pain free or you’re a CrossFit athlete improving your shoulder conditioning for movements such as muscle ups and snatching.

All Better Moves clients have access to all facilities in  our purpose built gym during the consultation. No membership required to utilise the equipment for assessment, or fitness.

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